For our custom orders please email us: 

We only make custom orders of existing pieces from our website but in other colours (if available). 


When mailing us please mention:

  • The exact names of the clothing items or send us the links
  • Your measurements; bust size, waist size, hip size, outside seem length for the pants and your total length. For more info about how to measure click here.
  • The colour that you would like. Note: We will send you a colour scheme of all the colour options of that requested colour, for example if you ask for grey we will send you all the possibilities of the grey shades. 

Like any other order you first will have to complete the order and the payment, we will send you a specific link for the custom items that you chose to order. Once the order is complete and the payment has been done we will start working on your order.


The prices are the same as our newest collection pieces. For colours that we do not have in stock we charge an extra €10 for shipping and ordering retail priced fabrics of your choice. As for the shipping of your package the prices stay the same.


Custom orders will take up to 15 working days to be delivered (weekends not included). Because we might have to order new fabrics it will take a bit longer than the pre-order delivery time. Please keep this in mind when ordering, we are doing our best to ship out as soon as possible but be patient.


We do NOT take returns on any of our custom orders. As you guys know we are a small business and we try to work the "order to make" system where we do not have any stock unless people return items from the basic collection. This is better for the environment since we do not waste any fabrics.

What we do offer:

  • Taking in the waistband or switching it out for a bigger waistband.
  • Shortening the hem of the pants.
  • Taking in the waist of our rib fabric top and dresses.
  • Shortening the sleeves.


Mail us: